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monkey story

The Clever Monkey Story

This is an amazing monkey story for kids to read. Once, long ago in the jungle, the animals were gathered around the watering hole. They were sad because a new lion had come to live in their part of the jungle. This lion was a

animal moral story

Baby Camel And His Mother

This is a nice animal moral story for kids to read. Once upon a time, there lived a baby camel with her mother. One fine day as they were lying on the ground, the baby camel was deep in her thoughts. When mother camel asked what

children animal stories

The Pig Has Wings

This is one of the great children animal stories to read. Once upon a time, a pig named Henry lived on a farm. He was very ambitious. One of his biggest ambitions was to fly. “I must fly! Why can’t I fly? If birds can

short story in english with moral lesson

The Camel And The Zebra

This is the short story in English with moral lesson for kids. Long, long ago, in a jungle far away, there were two unlikely friends, a Camel and a Zebra. The Zebra was proud of its looks and appearance. “Oh dear, the Camel is so

animal stories for kids in english

Snowball And His Forest Friends

This is one of the amazing animal stories for kids in english. One day, the forest God created an animal. It was called Snowball. Snowball was round, his fur was very white. He was a beautiful animal. All the animals liked him. However, Snowball was

animal stories with moral values

The Arrogant Flowerpecker

This is one of the best animal stories with moral values for kids. Near the forest, there was a flowerpecker family living happily together. They were the father bird, the mother bird and the lovely little flowerpecker. One day, sparrow was flying by when she

animal short story in english

Curious Squeaky

This is one of the great animal short story in English for kids. “Come, get into your bed Squeaky,” said Mrs. Squirrel. “But I’m not sleepy yet,” said Squeaky. “Get into your bed and soon you’ll be fast asleep.” Squeaky wanted to go out and

animal bedtime stories

The Lion And The Boar

This is one of the best animal bedtime stories to read for kids. It was a hot summer day. In the dense forest, there lived a majestic lion, the king of the jungle. The warm weather of the sunny day made him thirsty. The lion