The Lion And The Boar

This is one of the best animal bedtime stories to read for kids. It was a hot summer day. In the dense forest, there lived a majestic lion, the king of the jungle. The warm weather of the sunny day made him thirsty. The lion was going out to find some water to drink. The lion went straight to a small pond nearby. At the same time, a wild boar also walked towards the same pond.

“I am the king of this jungle and I will drink the water first! You have to wait till I finish drinking,” roared the lion. “I don’t care who you are! I came here first and I will drink it first. If you think you are powerful, try to stop me!” said the boar. They soon began to argue over who should drink water first. The quarrel soon turned into a duel. The fight was terrible. You may also like to read, The Lion and The Mouse Story.

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The fight was terrible. The two strong animals hit, kicked, and bit each other. All worn out and bloody, the two rested for a while. They discovered that some vultures were waiting with their mouths watering. “Look at these two! The way they are fighting, one of them is bound to die. We’ll have a tasty meal today,” said one of the vultures sitting on a tree. The lion and the boar looked at each other and decided to stop their bloody battle.

“It would be better to remain, friends than to become tasty food for vultures!” they agreed. Both the animals drank the water and went their ways. They disappointed vulture, flew off one by one realizing that there is no use of waiting anymore. Also read, Rabbit and Lion Story.


Here is a visual depiction of the best animal bedtime stories for kids, “The Lion and the Boar”. See the video story below,

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