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english moral stories

The Good Side Of Things

This is one of the great English moral stories for children. Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, there lived a king who was fond of hunting. He had a chief minister who was a very wise and optimistic man. He was so optimistic about

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The Fox and the Pig

This is one of the awesome moral short stories for children. Once upon a time, in a jungle, a fox came to a river. The fox had to get to the other side of the river. “I think I’ll simply have to swim across,” the fox

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The Foolish Fish

This is one of the best kids moral stories. Deep in the jungle, buried among the trees was a pond. In that pond, many fishes lived. They were very happy there, they swam all day and enjoyed. Since it was situated within the forest, nobody came to

english moral stories

Beauty Is In Deeds

This is one of the amazing English moral stories. Once, there was a magnificent antelope who had majestic mani fangled antlers. He was robust in health and his coat gleamed like a metal. He was duly proud of his beauty. Whenever he went to the