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popular aesop's fables

The Lamb And The Dogs

This is one of the popular Aesop’s fables for kids. A long time ago, there lived a little lamb on a farm named Luke. Luke was very innocent and played all day long with his brother, George. But Luke was lonely and made friends with

fable story with moral lesson

The Brother And The Sister

This is the best fable story with moral lesson for kids. A father had a son and a daughter. The twins looked alike, except for the large, red birthmark on the daughter’s cheek. It happened one day that the mother had left her mirror sitting

fable short story

The Vine And The Goat

This is an amazing fable short story for all the children. Once upon a time, there lived a goat. This goat was not the best of the lot. His greatest vice was that this goat was ungrateful and was a glutton. Also, read The Tyrant

short story for kids with moral lesson

The Cat-Maiden

This is a great short story for kids with moral lesson. Once upon a time, the gods Venus and Jupiter had an argument. The subject matter of such an argument was, whether a living being can change its nature. Jupiter, the God of light told