The Vine And The Goat

This is an amazing fable short story for all the children. Once upon a time, there lived a goat. This goat was not the best of the lot. His greatest vice was that this goat was ungrateful and was a glutton. Also, read The Tyrant Wolf.

One day, as the goat had been doing his things and minding his business, he sensed a danger. He got scared.  So, he ran. Frantically running here and there he reached a vineyard. This vineyard was overflowing with beautiful vines. All of which were green and leafy and had many fruits. In those times a vine was a thing of luxury and was extremely expensive.

fable short story

fable short story

Image Source@ The moment the goat reached the vineyard, he started to search for a spot to hide properly. He hurried inside the vineyard in search of a spot. Finally, he found a spot behind a lustrous vine. There he waited until the danger passed. He was sure that the leaves of the vine would conceal him.

As the goat waited, he noticed the leaves and the juicy grapes of the vine. He was overcome by a tremendous desire to eat the delicious looking green leaves. And he couldn’t fight his urges for long, so he gave in and began munching. He took huge bites and kept eating.

Upon seeing this, the vine asked the goat, “Why is that you are munching away at my leaves?” The goat did not answer. The vine again asked, “Have you run out of grass to eat?” But the goat kept nibbling at the vine and its tendrils.

“Why do you hurt me without any reason? You are cropping out my leaves!” the vine said. But the goat did not say a word. Then the vine got angry and said, “You just wait. I shall have my revenge in a while. When they take you as a sacrifice, I shall provide them with the wine they pour over you!” You may also like to read, The Clever She Goat.