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The Brilliant Negotiator

This is one of the folktale stories for kids. A long time ago lived a wise man in a distant land. He was known by his people as Bharat, the brilliant negotiator. If there was any issue to be resolved, the people would say, “Go to

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The Mango Tree

This is one of the famous Akbar Birbal Stories for kids. There lived two farmers named Abu and Rehman in the Kingdom of Emperor Akbar. They both were neighbors. There was a mango tree between their fields. The tree was full of ripe mangoes. Rehman

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The Wizard And The Mouse

This is one of the great folktales for kids. Once upon a time, in a village in India near a forest lived a well-known wizard. One day, when the wizard was eating his lunch, a mouse fell down from the sky. Shocked, the wizard looked