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short stories for children

Wise Cock And Wicked Fox

This is one of the awesome short stories for children. It was a bright evening and the sun was sinking on a glorious world. A wise old cock flew into a tree to roost. He flapped his wings three times and crowed loudly. The powerful

good moral stories

The Olive Tree And The Fig Tree

This is one of the good moral stories to read for kids. In a forest, there was an olive tree and a fig tree standing close together. The olive tree was very beautiful and he was very proud of his beauty. The olive tree had no

moral stories for toddlers

The Crow and the Peacock Story

This is one of the best moral stories for toddlers that of Peacock and the Crow. Today is a very important day for the birds. It is the day for selecting the king of birds. A King of the birds competition is being held. Zzaru, the