The Olive Tree And The Fig Tree

This is one of the good moral storiesto read for kids. In a forest, there was an olive tree and a fig tree standing close together. The olive tree was very beautiful and he was very proud of his beauty. The olive tree had no friends because he always spoke to others in a very taunting way.

When the winter came, the fig tree would shed leaves leaving its branches bare. The olive tree saw the fig tree change and laughed, “Ha! Ha! Ha! The poor fig tree! It is a pity that you have to be in such a disgusting condition for a long time until the end of the winter. Unlike me, I have green leaves all year round.” Also read,The Giving Tree Story.

good moral stories

good moral stories

Image Source–> Days passed, snow had been falling heavily and the thick white snow had covered all the leaves and branches of the olive tree. Soon, the olive tree could not stand the heavy weight any longer and its branches started to break off until it became a branchless tree.

All of his beauty was spoilt at once. As the fir tree did not have any leaves, the heavy On this, the fig tree said, “Although I had no leaves and did not look beautiful like you, it kept me alive and free from harm during the winter.” You may also like to read,The Ugly Tree Story.


Here is a visual depiction of one of the good moral stories“The Olive Tree And The Fig Tree”. See the video story below,

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