The Ugly Tree Story

This is the Ugly Tree Story. Once upon a time, a forest had straight and beautiful trees but in this forest, there was one tree whose trunk was bent, hunched and very different from all the other trees around it. The crooked tree often sighed for his ugly look. It used to look enviously to other tall and slender trees and felt sad for it’s ugly look. The branches of this tree were also twisted. The other trees laughed and made fun of this tree by calling it hunchback.

This made the tree very sad. Whenever it looked at the other trees, it sighed, “I wish I was like other beautiful trees. God has been so cruel to me!” One day a woodcutter came to the forest to cut the wood. He saw the hunchback tree and crumbled, “This twisted tree is useless to me! It’s better not to cut this.” And then he cut down all the straight and smooth trees.

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The woodcutter went ahead sparing the crooked tree. The hunchback tree then realized that god had saved his life by making him a twisted tree. The tree thanked his crookedness and never ever it sighed for his ugly look in the future. He was very thankful to god.


Here is a visual depiction of, “The Ugly Tree Story”. See the video story below,

    The Ugly Tree Story Video