The King And His Three Daughters Story

This is the king and his three daughters story.  In a kingdom far, far away lived a king and his three daughters. The king loved them very much for they were good and beautiful girls, but one day he decided to test how much they loved him. The king gathered his daughters around him and asked each of them the same question, “How much do you love me?”

“Oh father! I love you as much as all the diamonds and all the rubies in the world and more,” said the eldest daughter. “That’s excellent!” said the father happily. “Dear father, I love you as much as all the gold and silver in the world and more,” said the second daughter. “Wonderful!” said her father and smiled. Then it was the youngest daughter’s turn. “My father and king! I love you as much as all the salt in the world and more!” The king was very surprised at her answer. “What did you say? I think I must have misheard you,” frowned the king. “I said I love you as much as the salt,” repeated the youngest daughter. “How dare you! Your sisters love me as diamonds and gold, and you love me as little as salt. Leave this kingdom and never come back,” said the king angrily.

the king and his three daughters story

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The little princess hid herself in the woods, but she soon got very tired. She sat on a log and started to cry, when a Prince, who was passing by on his street heard her. As soon as he saw the pretty princess, the young Prince fell in love with her. The Prince took her to his castle and soon asked her to marry him. The young princess told him that she would only marry him, if her father, the king, came to the wedding. “Sadly, my father is angry with me and has told me never to return to his kingdom,” she explained.

“Don’t worry my darling, I will send him an invitation to our wedding. And when he arrives, we will teach him a lesson,” said the prince and immediately sent a wedding invitation to the king. But the clever prince didn’t write that he was marrying the king’s youngest daughter.

So when the wedding day came, the king arrived. He sat at the banqueting table in the palace of honour next to the prince. Then he was served a meal which looked absolutely delicious. But when the king came to taste it, he frowned and cried out, “This meal has no salt in it. I can’t eat it.” At once a person wearing a veil brought him salt and said, “Here you are, my king! I hope that the meal will taste better now.” The king immediately recognized her voice. The salt bearer lifted her veil and the king saw his youngest daughter.

He understood at once what the prince and the princess wanted to teach him. Ashamed of what he had done, the king begged his daughter to forgive him. The princess cried out of joy. “Oh, my father! I forgive you and I love you with all my heart!” They hugged each other. The king, the prince and the princess lived happily ever after.

Here is a visual depiction of the king and his three daughters story. See the video story below,

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