The Ant And Its Anthill

This is one of the short inspirational stories for students. Once upon a time, there lived an ant with its fellows in the forest. The ant was not at all happy being an ant. She did not enjoy her life at all. All she wanted was to be like the birds to fly high and life a free life. The ant wanted to make her dream come true.
One day, there were heavy storms and thunders. The wind was blowing so hard that the ants were finding it difficult to hold onto the land. Finally, the ant decided to grab a leaf that was flying in the air. The ant went higher and higher in the air holding onto the leaf as there was a heavy wind. Also, read Pencil And Eraser Story.
short inspirational stories for students

short inspirational stories for students

Image Source@ When she was high up in the air, she could no longer make out the insects on the ground. She wandered around the sky but then she could not believe what she saw. Rising up above the surroundings, she saw a magnificent anthill which was visible from very far away.

In such a storm, there was no sign of a single bird or any other insect. There was only an anthill. Soon, the ant realized that she had precised rules, the spirit of sacrifice, the obedience, and the efforts of all the ants working together which make them able to build so much greater than any other insect could.

Finally, she felt very proud to be born as an ant. She came back to her fellows and joined them. And of course, now she loves herself for being an ant and respect all the insects and their hard work. You may also like to read, Beauty In Imperfection.


Here is a visual depiction of one of the short inspirational stories for students, “The Ant And Its Anthill”. See the video story below,

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