The Boy Who Doesn’t Listen

This is one of the best stories with moral lessons for kids. Once upon a time, a little kid gets home too late. He did not listen to his parents ever. “You are a bad kid!” his father said. The son replied,”I am sorry, Daddy!” After having an argument with his parents, the little boy decides to go into his bedroom. He is sad and he decides to stay there all evening.

During the night, the little boy can’t sleep. He is thinking about the conflict he had with his parents. While he is lying on the bed, a red monster comes into his bedroom and looks at him. Suddenly, the little boy sees the red monster. He is afraid and thought to himself, “Why is this monster in his bedroom? What does he want?” Also, read The Boy And The Cashew Nuts.

stories with moral lessons

stories with moral lessons

Image Source–> little boy is so afraid that he decides to listen to the red monster. “You should apologize to your parents as soon as possible. Also, you have to listen to your parents and never disobey them,” says the red monster. The little boy promises to do so and go to his bed. He hopes that the red monster will leave during the night.

The next day, the little boy goes into the kitchen and sees his parents. He says that he is sorry for not listening to them and promises that he will never do this ever again. The boy says, “I am sorry, mom and dad! I love you!” The parents are amazed by their son’s behavior. They hugged each other and lives happily. After all, the little boy does not want to see that red monster again. You may also like to read, The Thief And The Boy.