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moral stories with pictures

Rabbit And Wolf

This is one of the best moral stories with pictures for children. Little Rabbit was a very good child and he used to live with her mother. He was old enough to start schooling. So, Mother Rabbit decided to sign her up for a school

fable story in english

The Rose And The Amaranth

This is an amazing fable story in English for children. Once upon a time, in a garden two plants were planted next to each other. One was a rose plant whereas the other an Amaranth plant. These plants grew next to each other. Both of

story with moral lesson for kids

Terry And Fear

This is an amazing story with moral lesson for kids. Terry has a friend named Fear. Terry and Fear have been friends for a very long time. Fear loved being friends with Terry because he always made Terry fearful of things. Terry knew that Fear was

short story with moral lesson

A Foe In Disguise Of A Friend

This is a short story for kids with moral lesson for kids. Once upon a time, there was a King. Every day, one soldier was killed in his Kingdom. They were killed not in a war but while safeguarding the palace. The King was worried. Every day,

stories with moral lessons

The Boy Who Doesn’t Listen

This is one of the best stories with moral lessons for kids. Once upon a time, a little kid gets home too late. He did not listen to his parents ever. “You are a bad kid!” his father said. The son replied,”I am sorry, Daddy!”