The Rose And The Amaranth

This is an amazing fable story in English for children. Once upon a time, in a garden two plants were planted next to each other.

One was a rose plant whereas the other an Amaranth plant. These plants grew next to each other. Both of them admired the other. The rose plant thought the Amarnath plant was better than it, with prettier flowers. And the Amarnath plant felt that the rose plant was better than it. Also, read A Father And His Two Daughters.

fable story in english

fable story in english

Image Source One day, the Rose plant and the Amaranth plant had a conversation. The Amaranth plant said, “I admire your plant. The flowers of your plant bloom lustrously. You even smell nice. Above all, you truly are beautiful,” the Amarnath plant said. “I can see why you are the universal favorite. I envy your beauty and your scent.”

The Rose plant, though flattered, did not say much. Aware of its beauty, it also knew that its beauty came with a price. “Dear Amaranth plant,” the Rose plant said. “I thank you for praising me. But, I feel otherwise. Although my flowers are beautiful and sweet smelling, my beauty isn’t long lasting.” You may also like to read, The Blind Man And The Lame Man.

“My beauty lasts only until I am young. Whereas, your beauty is everlasting. My petals wither and fall off. These flowers won’t bloom forever. And when my flowers are plucked out, they too wither off soon. The season suitable for me also lasts but a short time.”

“However, your flowers do not wither as soon as mine. Your flowers are always blooming, even after they are snipped off. Amaranth, the flowers you produce stay young for ever. Unlike mine. And that is why my beauty does not mean much. You are immortal, while I die sooner or later.”

The poor Rose plant had a hint of sadness in its voice. After this conversation, the Amaranth plant realized that it had been wrong about the Rose plant. And found beauty in itself. Also, read The Two Pots.