Rabbit And Wolf

This is one of the best moral stories with pictures for children. Little Rabbit was a very good child and he used to live with her mother. He was old enough to start schooling. So, Mother Rabbit decided to sign her up for a school in the neighborhood. Little Rabbit was an obedient student but often got distracted during lessons. Also, read The Foolish Rabbit.

One day, teacher Squirrel lectured her students about wolf, “Do you know that Wolf is a very dodgy species? He often seduces and captures smaller animals to eat.” While all students were listening carefully to the teacher, Little Rabbit didn’t focus on the lesson. She was looking out of the school playground where butterflies were flying excitedly.

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After school, Mother Rabbit was busy. So, she could not pick up Little Rabbit on time. Little Rabbit sat alone at school waiting for her. Just then, a Wolf passed by. As he saw Little Rabbit, he walked towards her to seduce and looked for a chance to get her.

The cunning Wolf asked, “Hey, Rabbit! Why are you still here this late? Let me take you home then.” Without any suspicion, Little Rabbit immediately agreed and followed Wolf. Luckily, teacher Squirrel discovered the situation right that moment. Knowing very well wolf’s plan of seducing Little Rabbit, she called Uncle Elephant, the school guard for help.

Uncle Elephant and Teacher Squirrel quickly caught up with Wolf and Little Rabbit. Teacher Squirrel shouted loudly, “Hey you evil Wolf, let go off Little Rabbit or else don’t blame us for being cruel.” Being scared, Wolf immediately ran away. Also, read The Tyrant Wolf.

Teacher Squirrel told Little Rabbit, “Today, I told all of you the lesson about Wolf. Wolf is evil. When you see him, you should stay away or ask for help. Don’t you remember what I said?” Little Rabbit kept her head down and said, “I… I didn’t focus on your lesson then. I’m sorry and thank you and Uncle Elephant for helping me. I promise from now on, I will listen to your lesson carefully.”

Teacher Squirrel smiled and accompanied Little Rabbit to her home so that she was safe and sound. Little Rabbit had learned a lesson that she should always listen to her elders. You may also like to read, Elephant And Ant Story.


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