Elephant and Ant Story

This is the famous Elephant and Ant Story for kids. Once upon a time, there was a thick, green forest. In this forest, there lived many wild animals. In this jungle, there lived a gigantic elephant who used to get angry on small issues and he underestimated all the other small animals. He was always doing something to show off his strength.

Inside the deep pole, there lived a tiny ant family. Every morning, they would go in search of food. On their way, they would meet the elephant. The elephant was very naughty and proud of his powerful body. He always troubled all the small animals in the forest. Also read, The Sparrow And The Elephant.

elephant and ant story

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One day, when the ant family was off to work, the elephant sprayed a trunk full of water on them. “Ouch! You should not hurt others like this!” cried one of the ants. The elephant said angrily, “Oh, you stupid ant! Keep quiet or I will crush you to death.” The poor ant kept quiet but she decided to teach the proud elephant a lesson.

The ant slowly crept into the elephant’s trunk and started biting him. The elephant became restless. He tried to get the ant out of his trunk but the ant did not come out. Such a big animal but he could not do anything to get the tiny ant out. The elephant shouted in pain but the ant kept biting him.

The elephant started to cry and said sorry to the tiny ant. The ant said, “This is how it feels when you hurt others!” The ant took pity on the elephant and came out of his trunk. The elephant was very happy. That is how the elephant learned the lesson of his life. And from that day, he never ever troubled any animal again. You may also like, The Elephants And The Rats.

Here is a visual depiction of, “Elephant and Ant Story”. See the video story below,

    Elephant and Ant Story Video