The Cunning Rat Story

This is one of the amazing rat story for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a cunning rat in a little den. One day, when the rat was about to go out in search of a meal, he spotted a cat. Also, read The Cat And The Rat.

This cat seemed to be intently staring at the den’s entrance. “If I leave now, I shall definitely be eaten alive by the cat,” the rat thought. Then suddenly the rat had an idea. Quickly he ran down through the colony of rats to his friend’s den. Now, the cunning rat’s friend was simple, unlike him.

rat story

rat story

The simple rat was surprised to see his friend. “Long time no see,” the simple rat greets his friend. “Did you know there is a cornfield just outside?” the cunning rat asks the simple rat. “I just discovered it and thought that it won’t do well to eat alone. So, I came running to invite you.”

“This is great news!” exclaimed the simple rat. “Lead the way, friend. Finally, we will have a great meal!” Well aware of the cat’s presence thought of yet another plan to deceive the simple rat. “How can I?” the cunning rat replies. “I have admired you ever since we were little. I possibly can not do such a shameful thing such as to lead you! Please, you lead the way. And I shall follow you.” Also, read The Elephants And The Rats.

The simple rat being, simple, did not suspect anything and led the way. Soon they came to the opening of their little den. The simple rat knew nothing of the cat waiting outside, so he stepped out defenselessly. As soon as the cat saw the simple rat, he pounced on the rat and ate it up.

The cunning mouse, on the other hand, made a run for the cornfield. “Silly rat, he fell for my trick!” the cunning rat thought without any regret. Just when the cunning rat was about to reach the cornfield, an eagle swooped down out of nowhere and took it away. No matter what the cunning rat did, he could not break free. “Oh my, I will be killed and eaten, just like my friend!” he cried.