The Green Monkey

This is one of the best “once upon a time bedtime stories” to read for kids. Once upon a time, there lives a King. The King marries a beautiful Princess. The King’s wife soon has a baby boy, but the wife dies that day. The King marries a new Queen. The new wife has a baby boy. The two boys grow up. the older boy will be the King. The younger boy’s mother is not happy about this. You may also like to read, The Monkey And The Fisherman.

One day, the older boy goes out for a ride. He goes with his teacher. The boy and the teacher stop by a river. The boy wants to drink some water. But the river is magical. When the teacher looks back, the boy is not there! The teacher is very sad. He tells the King that his first son is lost!

once upon a time bedtime stories

once upon a time bedtime stories

The Queen becomes very happy. Then, the King dies. The Queen’s son is the new King. One day, the young King goes out for a ride. He stops by the magic river. He sees a cute green monkey there. The young King takes the monkey home. Everybody likes the cute green monkey.

One night, the teacher has a dream. In the dream, he finds a bottle of magic water. He puts the magic water on the monkey. In the dream, the monkey changes!

The next morning, the teacher finds the bottle. He puts the water on the green monkey. The monkey changes into the King’s older brother. The young King says, “You are my brother! I am so happy to see you! You are the King now!” The two brothers live happily together. Together, they are Kings over the people. Everybody likes it that way! Also, read The Foolish Monkey And The King.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the best “once upon a time bedtime stories” to read for kids, “The Green Monkey”. See the video story below,

Once Upon A Time Bedtime Stories Video