The Hidden Treasure Story

This is the hidden treasure story for kids to read. Once upon a time, in a small secluded village lived an old man. He had four sons. All of them had grown up into big men. Despite being grown-ups, the farmer’s sons never worked. The sons believed that their luck would take them along with their lives. “These sons of mine,” the farmer found himself wondering most of the time, “what will they do when I leave?” You may also like to read, The Greatest Treasure.

One day, the poor farmer fell sick. It seemed, the poor man would not make it. Even on his death bed, the man was worried sick about his sons and their futures. “They will surely be doomed, if they don’t do something about themselves,” the farmer thought. As all worried fathers do, he too came up with a plan to teach his sons a valuable lesson. He called his sons before he died. “There is a treasure hidden in the farmland,” the old man had told his sons before he died, “the most worthy will find the treasure.”

the hidden treasure story

the hidden treasure story

Image Source–> The old farmer’s sons took their father’s last words seriously. All of them took to digging up the vast farmland their father left them with. Each of them dug the farm, until sunset every day. They worked hard, digging until the entire farm was dug up. But all that work gave no result, it was just barren land.

“Where is the treasure?” one of them asked after they had dug the farm. “This just a barren land, was there even a treasure to be found?” complained another one of them. A passerby heard the commotion and came to see what the fuss was about. He saw that the farm was dug up properly. He saw the farmer’s sons talking nearby. “Young men,” the passerby called them. “Since you have already dug up the farm, why don’t you plant some seed?” he suggested. Also, read Treasure Island.

The farmer’s sons did not like the idea. After some discussions, they decided it would not hurt them much. So, they planted the new seeds. Soon the seeds grew into healthy crops. They sold the crops in the market and received a good sum of money in return.

“So, this was the treasure father was talking about,” one of the four brothers realized. Their father had tricked his sons into digging the farm, which eventually led to them planting the seeds. They realized nothing in life came free of cost, hard work was required to gain something. The four brothers overcame their laziness and worked hard for their future. Also, read Treasure In The Vineyard.


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