The Honest Woodcutter

This is the honest woodcutterstory for kids. In a village next to a forest there lived two woodcutters. They were neighbors staying next to each other. Deena, the first woodcutter was a very energetic and honest one. Soma, the other woodcutter was a lazy and mean person. Both earned their living by cutting wood in the nearby forests. Also, read The Hidden Treasure Story.

One day as usual in the morning, Deena started his work. Soma always used to delay his work. Soma led a miserable life as he was not ready to work hard. Deena went to the forest and looked out for woods. He searched for wood for long but he did not find any wood so he decided to go to the riverside where he would get wood. So Deena walked towards the river.

the honest woodcutter

the honest woodcutter –

There, he found a big tree. Deena climbed up the tree and started to chop the wood. As he was chopping, the axe slipped from his hand and fell into the river. He started crying and prayed to God as it was his only property which earned money. Soon God answered his prayer. God appeared and asked him, why he was crying. He told about the incident. In a little while, God took an axe from the river. It glittered as it was made of gold. Deena was stunned to see such a shining beautiful axe. But Deena said no without any hesitation. Here are moreshort stories with moral you might like.

The God again took another axe from the river. It was made of silver. The God again asked, “Is it your axe?” He said, “No, it is not mine.” God now pulled an axe made of iron. “Is it yours”, God asked. Deena’s face showed the sign of joy. He said yes and was overjoyed. The God was very much pleased with his honesty and gave all the three axes as a reward for his honesty. Deena happily went to his home with the three axes. When he crossed Soma’s house, Soma saw the axes and was stunned. Soma was curious to know what has happened. So, without the knowledge of Deena, Soma followed him.

Deena reached the house and called his wife. She came there and saw the axes. She was surprised. Deena explained how the god appeared and had given him the axes. Soma who was hearing all this from outside decided to follow Deena the next day. Also, read The Lazy Boy That Became A Cow.

The next day, Deena sold the golden axe and started a new happy life. Even though he has become rich, Deena went to work as usual. Soma followed Deena to the forest. Deena went near the river and started his work. Soma got to know about the place where his axe got slipped. He waited till Deena left.

Soma immediately went to the river and deliberately dropped his axe into the river. He pretended to cry and prayed the god to help him. The god appeared and came to know that Soma was playing with him, So, the God decided to teach him a lesson. God took out his iron axe first. He said no intentionally. Then the God took the silver axe and showed it to him. He again denied. God took out the golden axe. He quickly said yes. God was furious and took all the axes with him and disappeared. All his shouting went useless. Soma returned home without the axe which was his only property, but he had learned his lesson.