The Inexperienced Fisherman

This is one of the most funny kids stories. There lived two fishermen, who also happened to be close friends. One day they decide to go fishing together. So off they went with their equipment and fishing rods. One of them was an extremely good fisherman, as he had been fishing for a long time and had lots of experience. Whereas, the other one was only a beginner, with almost no experience.

Upon reaching the pond where they were to fish, they decide to sit separately with some distance between them. Once they start fishing, the experienced fisherman starts catching fishes of all kinds and sizes. The experienced fisherman became overjoyed with his catch and quickly threw in his ice chest. On the other hand, the inexperienced one only struggled in the beginning.

funny kids stories

funny kids stories

But as time went on, the inexperienced fisherman began catching fish too. But, he did something strange every time he caught a fish, the other fisherman noticed. Every time the inexperienced fisherman caught a fish, he threw it back instantly. Also, read The Bald Man And The Fly.

The man ignored it, thinking there must be something wrong with the fish. Again, he saw the inexperienced fisherman throw a fish back into the pond. “How surprising,” the experienced fisherman thought. “Why does he keep throwing his catch away?” the man wondered.

As time went on, the experienced fisherman saw the other man throw countless fishes back into the river. The inexperienced fisherman’s ice chest was almost empty, with only a few tiny fish. Whereas, the experienced fisherman’s ice chest was filled to the brim with fat big fishes. “He would have the same number of fishes if he had not thrown them back into the river,” the man thought.

Though he tried not ask why the other man threw the catch back into the water, his curiosity got the better of him. “Say, friend,” the experienced one asks the inexperienced one, “Why is it that you threw almost all of your catch back into the waters?” You may also like to read, Agnus- The Spotty Goat.

The other man looked at him and sadly said the most shocking thing the experienced man had ever heard. The inexperienced man tells him, “I do not have a big frying pan, so I won’t be able to cook the big fish for dinner even if I take them back!” The experienced fisherman realized that the other one was nothing less of a foolish man, who did not even think of cutting up the fish and then cooking it.

Here is a visual depiction of this funny kids stories “The Inexperienced Fisherman”. See the video story below,

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