The Lark And Her Young Ones

This is one of the best short stories to read fables online. One day, a lark made her nest in a field of young wheat. As the days passed, the wheat started to grow tall and the young birds too started to grow.

Then, one day, when the ripped, golden grains waved in the breeze, the farmer and his son came into the field. “The wheat is now ready for reaping,” said the farmer. “We must call our neighbors and friends to help us harvest it.” Also, read The Ugly Duckling.

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The young larks in their nest were frightened for they knew they would be in a great danger if they did not leave the nest. When the mother lark returned with food for them, they told her what they had heard. “Do not be frightened, children,” said the mother lark. “If the farmer has said he would call his neighbors and friends to do his work, this wheat will not be reaped for a while yet!”

A few days later, the wheat was so riped that when the wind shook the wheat grains, the hale of wheat grains came rustling down on the young lark’s heads. “If this wheat is not harvested at once,” said the farmer, “we shall lose half the crop. We cannot wait any longer for help from our friends. Tomorrow, we must set to work ourselves.”

When the young larks told their mother what they had heard that day, she said, “We must be off at once. When a man decides to do his own work and not depending on anyone else, then you may be sure that there will be no more delay!” There was much fluttering and trying out of wings that afternoon. You may also like to read, The Clever She Goat.

At sunrise, the next day, when the farmer and his son cut down the grain, they found an empty nest. Like the farmer and his son, the larks helped themselves and were saved.


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