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The Lark And Her Young Ones

This is one of the best short stories to read fables online. One day, a lark made her nest in a field of young wheat. As the days passed, the wheat started to grow tall and the young birds too started to grow. Then, one

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The Lion, The Mouse And The Cat

This is one of the great fable story about animals with moral lesson for children. Once upon a time, on a mountain lived a mighty lion. This lion was strong and courageous. One day, when the lion was sleeping in his den, a little mouse

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The Ape And The Bee

This is one of the most amazing Aesop Stories for kids. Once upon a time, in a dense forest lived an ape. Now, this ape had a weakness for honey. The moment the ape had tasted honey for the first time, it had instantly become

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The Sheep And The Dog

This is one of the amazing Aesop fable stories for kids. “Oh boy,” said Dodger the Dog, “I can’t wait to chew on this delicious bone!” “Where’d you get that bone?” asked Sharon, the sheep. “The farmer gave it to me,” said Dodger proudly. “He

The Bees And The Beetles

This is one of the great aesop tales for kids to read. Once upon a time in a jungle full of various kinds of trees, lived many bees and beetles. At first, they were not too fond of each other. They hardly ever talked. But