The Lion, The Mouse And The Cat

This is one of the great fable story about animals with moral lesson for children. Once upon a time, on a mountain lived a mighty lion. This lion was strong and courageous.

One day, when the lion was sleeping in his den, a little mouse came out to play. The mouse saw the lion’s beautiful, beautiful mane. “Look at it shine! So bright, so brilliant!” the mouse thought. The moment the mouse looked at the lion’s mane, he could not take his eyes off it! Also, read The Lion And The Mouse.

fable story about animals with moral lesson

fable story about animals with moral lesson

Image Source Then, he set to nibbling the mane. He nibbled and nibbled, and took the broken mane hair to his little den. The mouse was happy with his job. Soon, the lion awoke. And when he saw his uneven mane, he became angry. He roared and roared!

“Who dared to do this?” the lion yelled in anger. “Whoever it was, will pay for this!”The lion, then, inspected his mane carefully. Though saddened and angry, he realized the uneven form of cutting was done by no other animal than a mouse.

The lion then decided to go to a nearby village. “I will get some help. The mouse will surely pay,” the lion thought. Reaching the village, the lion looked for the mouse’s worst enemy. “A cat will take care of this situation in no time.”

The lion found a cat and took the cat back to his cave. Once the cat was inside the cave, the lion instructed the cat to keep the mouse away from him. The lion fed the cat and made sure the cat was healthy. When the mouse saw the cat, he could not come out. “If I go now, I am sure to die,” the mouse thought.

The mouse stayed hidden for several days. But hunger struck, the mouse finally ventured out. The moment the mouse came out, the cat picked it the mouse up and ate it. Once the mouse was dead, the lion had no use of the cat. So, he stopped feeding the cat. Soon, the cat grew weak and passed away. You may also like to read, Cat And Mouse In Partnership.