The Lion And The Mouse Story

This is The Lion And The Mouse Story for kids. One day a lion was sleeping in his den. A mouse was also playing nearby. Little Mouse began running up and down upon him, this soon wakened the Lion. Angry at the little, tiny mouse the lion caught him and said, “You tiny creature, how dare you wake me? I’ll kill you.”

The mini mouse was frightened and prayed to the Lion, “Please let me go king and I will do you a good return one day for sparing my life. “The lion thought what good can he do to him. The lion spared the tiny mouse. Also, read The Greedy Dog.

the lion and the mouse story

The lion and the mouse story

Image Source@ A few days after the lion was walking in the jungle. He found himself caught in a hunter’s net. He roared and rolled to get out of the net. But he failed. The lion was pleading for help. The mouse whose life was saved by the lion heard the roar and ran to the lion. The small mouse gathered all his friends and told them to help the lion and set him free.

The mouse and his friends cut through the net and set the lion free. The lion escaped and thanked the little, tiny mouse and from that day, the lion and the mouse became the best of friends. Sometimes, little friends can also do a great help. You may also like, The Greedy Mouse.


Here is a short visual depiction of, “The Lion And The Mouse Story“. See the video story below,

  The Lion And The Mouse Story Video