The Legend Of Frosty The Snowman

This is The Legend Of Frosty The Snowman Story for kids. This story is the re-telling of the story “Frosty” from the book and the movie. Once upon a time, on a hill behind their house, Billy and Sally were sledding on the newly fallen snow.

When Sally called for her brother to join her, she heard Joe’s voice.”Let’s create the biggest snowman ever!” he said excitedly. By the time the siblings joined Joe, he had already rolled up a huge ball of snow. Next, they rolled a medium and small sized snowball. After that, the children stacked them up. With various objects from the kids’ houses, the snowman was ready! Also, read Harry- The Happy Snowman.

the legend of frosty the snowman

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All that was left was the hat. The kids had some and tried some- but nothing seemed right! Just then a whistling wind brought an old black top hat! And that was the right fit. What the kids did not know was that the hat was a magic hat.

With the hat, to the kids’ astonishment, the snowman came to life! “Is it alive?” asked one of the puzzled kids. “Yes,” replied the snowman, “very much so. I am Frosty- the snowman.” At once the snowman started off downhill. “Follow me, little children, I’ll show you how fun winter is!” Off the kids trotted after the snowman.

With the help of Frosty, the kids found that their work had become tremendously easy. Snow house with snow blocks, easy as a breeze. And then, they went skating on the frozen lake. Oh, how fun was that! Every day, whenever the kids came out, Frosty was already there! With his red boots and a broom and that shiny top-hat, he made sure the day was full of fun and wonderful experiences! You may also like to read, Snowman Short Story.

One day, Frosty said, “Let’s go shopping, I’ve never really seen a store before.” And so they went to a store. The kids showed his the stores with delicious food and other things under the winter sun and Frosty was overjoyed. A sudden warm wind blew away Frosty’s shiny hat, and he ran after it. But the kids were left behind.

When the kids could cross, they could not find Frosty. Here and there they looked, and could not see him. Then, the kids saw his top hat on a pile of snow. “Oh, Mr. Policeman,” cried the kids. “What has happened to Frosty our snowman?”

The kind policeman replies, “Don’t cry, little children. Frosty has gone to the place where all snowmen go when it is hot outside. It is nothing to worry about, on a cold day when the snow falls he’ll there again!” Also, read Five Little Snowmen.

Here is a short visual depiction of “The Legend Of Frosty The Snowman. See the video story below,

The Legend Of Frosty The Snowman Story Video