The Little Star And His Mother

This is one of the very short bedtime stories for kids. Long, long time ago, there lived a little star with his mother in the night’s sky. They were a happy family. But the little star was always sad and stood shining in one corner of the sky wistfully. The little star watched all the stars and the moon carefully.

The big stars laughed at him and teased him about his small size. So, the little star often stared at the brilliance of the moon and the other big stars and wished to be like them. He always dreamt to be the brightest of all. Also, read The Moon And Her Mother.

very short bedtime stories

very short bedtime stories

Soon, the little star’s mother noticed how sad he was and she asked him, “Little star, why are you always sad and upset?” “Oh, mother! The big stars make fun of me all the time because of my size. Why can’t I be big and bright like them?” asked the little star, crying miserably. The mother could not see him son in such a condition.

His mother hugged him and consoled the little star. His mother said, “My love, each star in the sky is unique and important, no matter how bright he shines.” To this, the little star curiously asked, “Oh, that is why all of us look so different?” Now, the little star understood what his mother meant.He hugged her mother happily.

The little star realized his importance and never bothered about the comments others used to make. He lived happily ever after with his mother. Later, many years later, when he grew to his full size, he became the brightest star in the sky. You may also like to read, The Tale Of The Sun And The Moon.