The Magic Millstone

This is one of the best children’s fairy tales online which has been adapted from a Korean fairy tale. Once upon a time, there was a kind woodcutter. He worked very hard.

One day, the woodcutter went to the forest. An old man was lying on the ground. “Help me!” said the old man. “I will help you!” said the woodcutter. He took the old man to his house. The old man rested and soon he got better. “Thank you, young man!” he said. The old man thanked the woodcutter again and again. Then, he went home. Also, read The Bag Of Salt.

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That night, thw woodcutter had a dream. The old man said, “I am the mountain God. You have saved my life! I’ll repay you. There is an old tree behind your house. Dig under the old tree and you will find a gift for yourself!”

The next day, the woodcutter and his wife went to the tree. They dug a hole and found a millstone. They took the millstone home. “Turn it,” said his wife. The woodcutter turned the millstone and the salt started coming out. The salt would not stop. When the woodcutter turned back the millstone, finally the salt stopped.

Later, the woodcutter sold the salt in the market. Everyday, he would take a few salt and take it to the market. Soon, the kind woodcutter became very rich. There lived a greedy old man and his wife. They were very jealous of the kind woodcutter. “Incredible,” they cried. You may also like to read, The Magic Pot Story.

They also wanted the millstone. The old man whispered something into his wife’s ear. The wife smiled and nodded her head. When it was dark enough, the ogreedy old man went to the woodcutter’s house. He quietly went to the yard and picked up the millstone out.

The greedy old man and his wife went far away. “I am tired,” said the wife. “Keep going,” commanded the old man. As the went to the sea, they saw a boat. Soon, they decided to rode out to the sea. As they reached the middle of the sea, the greedy old man turned the millstone. Immediately, the salt began coming out. Howeverm, the salt would not stop.

“Make it stop,” cried his wife. The old man and his wife argued. In no time, the boat started sinking. The boat sank to the bottom of the sea. Today, the sea is very salty. This is because the millstone is turning and turning! Also, read The Magic Bean.

Here is a short visual depiction of one of the children’s fairy tales online “The Magic Millstone”. See the video story below,

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