The Magician and The Parrot

This is one of the very funny stories in english. Once upon a time, a clever magician worked on a cruise ship in the Carribean. The magician performed many different tricks each night. The tourists and the crowd loved the magician. The magician’s crowd changed every day. So, the magician did not come up with new tricks instead, he used the same tricks over and over again. Read more Funny Short Stories!

On the ship, the captain of the ship had a pet parrot. The parrot sat and noticed the magician. Now, the parrot was an intelligent bird. Within a few days, the parrot figured out how the magician’s tricks worked.

funny stories in english

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Even though the crowd changed every night, the captain’s  pet remained the same. The parrot would noisily screech and give away the magician’s tricks. “Look, it’s not the same hat,” he screamed out. Then he croaked, “Why are all the cards in this deck Ace of spades?”

The magician became extremely annoyed. But he could not do anything about the parrot. After all, the annoying parrot was the captain’s pet. Things went on in the similar manner until one night. You may also like to read, Angus- The Spotty Goat!

One stormy night, the ship sank. The terrible storm had broken the ship. And now the ship was broken into many small pieces, the crew had been separated. Many passengers and ship’s crew members had drowned as well.

The parrot had flown away and found a stray wooden chunk and placed himself on it. Luckily the magician survived and found himself clinging on to the same wooden chunk as the parrot. The parrot stared at the magician, intently. The magician found it quite strange.

They clung on to the same wooden piece for weeks. The magician waited for some help to arrive. He was still being stared by the captain’s pet parrot. Then one day, the parrot finally asked the magician, ” Okay, I give up. Where is the boat?” Also read, The Fly That Forgot Its Name.