The Mitten Story

This is the mitten story for kids. It was a cold winter’s day when a mole found a mitten in the snow. “Huh? This is great! Now, I’ve got a cozy home.” A moment later, a frog hopped to the mole and said, “Mole, may I come in? My legs are freezing!” “Sure, come on in. The two of us together will make the home even warmer.” Also, read The Mitten by Jan Brett.

Soon, a rabbit came by and shouted, “Is anyone home?” “Yes, mole and frog are home!” “My ears are freezing! May I join you?” the rabbit asked. “Sure, with the three of us in here your ears will warm up in no time,” said the mole.

the mitten story

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Then the fox and the wolf also approached the mitten too. “What is this?” the fox wondered. Suddenly, the mole’s and the fox’s face banged with each other. “Can we come in too?” the fox asked. “My muzzle is freezing,” cried the wolf. “Sure,” said the mole. The fox quickly got inside but the wolf had to squeeze himself a little bit so that he could fit inside. And finally, he succeeded.

“Did you hear that?” rabbit asked his friends. Soon, a huge bear showed up. “Is this a new cave or what?” he thought to himself. “Is anyone there?” he cried. “We are here!” said the mole and friends. The bear was not able to see anything because of the heavy snow. He also wanted to get in. But he was so huge to fit. The rabbit said, “You are too big! There’s no room for you!” The bear cried, “C’mon, please! It’s so cold.” “Hmm. Okay, come on in. Let’s hope that six will fit in  here,”the mole said.

“Stop pushing me!” the fox cried. “Move over then,” the wolf shouted. “Oh, my ear, my ear!” cried the rabbit. “Can you move your tail?” shouted the frog. As the animals shuffled around, a baby mouse appeared and said, “My tail has frozen from the cold. Can I please come in too?” But the mitten had already stretched far too much. You may also like, The Gift Of Christmas.

Luckily, the baby mouse found her space on top of Bear’s nose. “Oh, this is perfect,” said the baby mouse. Because of the mouse’s moving tail, bear felt ticklish inside his nose. He was about to sneeze when the rabbit covered his mouth with his ear. And again, but somehow the wolf managed to cover his mouth.

But this time, the bear couldn’t resist. As Bear let out a gigantic sneeze, the mitten flew up high in the sky. “Help me!” they all cried. But do you know who’s mitten it was? It was Santa’s mitten which was lost while he was distributing presents to the good children. Santa saw everything and said, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!”. Also, read The Littlest Elf.

Here is a visual depiction of, “The Mitten Story”. See the video story below,

     The Mitten Story Video