The Man And The Cat

This is one of the amazing funny children stories for kids. Once upon a time, in a big city lived a married couple. This married couple had a pet cat, even though the husband hated their pet cat with all his might.

For some reason, this man could not stand the sight of their cat.  “Oh, how I wish I could get rid of this beast for once and for all,” the man found himself thinking most of the time. Then one day, the man finally decided to get rid of the cat. The man grabbed the cat and left the house. He took the cat twenty blocks away from his house and left in the open. “Finally, from today onwards I won’t have to look at the annoying cat!” he thought while he drove back. But the moment the man neared his house, by the sidewalk, he saw the cat nonchalantly walking towards the house. How annoyed the man was! Also, read The Man With The Coconuts.

funny children stories

funny children stories

Image “I will not lose,” he thought the next day, “today will be the day when I get rid of this cat!” So, the man picks up the cat once more and leaves the house. “Today, I’ll take you forty blocks away! How will you get back then?” the man laughed devilishly. Thus, leaving the cat forty blocks away, the man returns home quite happy with himself. Before he could go inside his house, there was the cat again walking up the sidewalk!

The man became even more annoyed now! “Why does the cat keep showing up again and again?” the man thought. Every day the man grabbed the cat and took it even further away and leaving it outside he would come back. And every day the man would find himself disappointed as the cat always found its way back home. You may also like to read, Gaston And The Many Fools.

Then one day, the man decides to trick the cat. “This time, surely it won’t be able to come back!” the man decides. So at last, the man drives a few miles away from his house, then takes a right turn, then turns left, then drives past the bridge, then turns right and another right after that, finally finding a place to leave the cat. “This spot should be far enough!” he thinks after leaving the cat there.

Hours later, the telephone at the couple’s house rings and the wife answers. “Hey is the cat there?” the man asks his wife. “Yes,” the wife replies, surprised at the weird question, “Why do you ask?” “Well,” the man hesitates for a moment before saying, “I need the cat to give directions!” Also, read Clever Gretel.