The Cursed Doll

This is one of the scary stories to read online. Once there lived a girl, who loved dolls. The little girl had a huge collection of dolls in her room. There were small dolls, big dolls, dolls with all kinds of dresses. “I’ll collect even more of them,” the girl would say every time she bought a new doll.

One day, the little girl goes to the market to look for new dolls. She finds a shop, she likes and starts browsing the dolls they had on display. The girl looks and looks, finally coming to one of the dolls. This doll was an extremely beautiful doll. It was like no other doll the girl had seen.

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Immediately, the girl knew she wanted it, “This doll will make my doll collection look even more beautiful. I really want to buy this!” She ran to an employee of the store and told her about the doll she wanted to buy. “Sorry miss,” the employee tells her, “that doll is not for sale.” The girl becomes confused, and asks, “But why not?” Also, read Clown Statue Story.

The employee doesn’t speak for a while at first, nervously looking here and there. Then finally says, “You see, that doll is cursed. Only bad things happen to whoever buys it.” The little girl tells the employee that she really likes the doll and wants to buy it. “It will look good with my doll collection, and I will never find a doll of this kind!”

At last, the defeated employee lets the girl have the doll free of cost, but gives a fair warning to the little girl, “You must know that the doll is really cursed and only bad things befall those who have the doll. Don’t blame me if something does go wrong.”

But, the little girl was way too happy with the free doll to pay any mind to the warning she just received. The girl ran and skipped all the way back to her apartment thinking about the doll and her collection. Finally, when she reaches the elevator in the lobby, she finds the lobby eerily quiet.  The usually lively lobby was dead silent. You may also like to read, The Tower Room.

“This is unusual,” the little girl whispers and waits for the elevator to arrive. Once inside the elevator, she presses the button for her floor, but the elevator does not move an inch. The elevator begins to grow darker and begins to tremble. “What is happening?” she asks in a shaky voice.

That very moment, the doll in the girl’s arms starts to shake as well. The little girl looks at the doll, only to find the once closed eyes staring back at her with an intense stare and an evil smile. Suddenly evil laughter fills the elevator and the doll says, “Now press the button to go up.”

“What?” is the last word the girl utters. Also, read The Hairy Toe Children’s Story.