The Monkey And The Wedge

This is one of the awesome stories from panchatantra for kids to read. Once upon a time, in a big jungle, there lived many monkeys on an enormous mango tree. They would eat fruits all day and swing around the tree. This was their life. Among these monkeys, there was one monkey who used to always copy other monkeys. He was never still for a second. He had a great time copying others. But he had never thought about the consequences of his actions.

As the days passed, that monkey kept on doing mischievous things. Under the same mango tree, there were two brothers working as the carpenters. They used to cut the woods, made them into strips and sold them in the market. But even these two were not saved from that naughty monkey. Both of them became very angry after seeing this. Also, read Crocodile And Monkey Story.

stories from panchatantra

stories from panchatantra

Image Source–> One day, as the two carpenters were cutting a huge log, it was their lunchtime already. They placed a wedge of wood between the half-split log and both of them left for their meal. When all the workers were gone, the monkeys came down from the trees and started jumping around and playing with the instruments. There was one monkey, who got curious about the wedge placed between the log. He sat down on the log and having placed himself in between the half-split log, caught hold of the wedge and started pulling at it.

The naughty monkey decided to cut some wood with his friends. But in his eagerness, he did not realize that he had placed himself in between the half-split log, caught hold of the wedge and started pulling at it. His friends also started to cheer him up! You may also like to read, The Dancing Monkeys.

All of a sudden, the wedge came out. As a result, the half-split log closed in and the monkey’s tail caught in the gap of the log. The poor monkey started to scream loudly and he was badly wounded. After a while, they placed a wedge in between to set the poor monkey free.


Here is a visual depiction of this amazing stories from panchatantra, “The Monkey And The Wedge”. See the video story below,

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