The Mouse Maid

This is one of the best bedtime stories online for kids. On the banks of Ganga, there lived several holy men. Their leader was a man of great learning who had magical powers. One day as he was praying by the side of the river, a tiny little mouse fell into his hand from the beak of a hawk flying above. The holy man was very happy with the mouse.

Since he and his wife had no children, he decided to transform the mouse into a little girl. He took the girl home to his wife who was delighted at having a daughter to love and look after. “She is our daughter now. Bring her up with care,” said the holy man. Also read, The Greedy Mouse.

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Years passed by and the mouse maid grew into a very beautiful girl. Soon, her parents decided that it was time to get her married. They wanted her to marry the greatest person in the whole world. First, the holy man summoned the sun. On seeing the sun, the girl said, “He is far too bright and hot! I can’t marry him!” The sun said, “When the clouds cover my face, I cannot shine. He is there to spread the brightness all around! You might prefer him!”.

So, the cloud was summoned. When the mouse maid saw the cloud, she said, “No! No! He is far too dark and storming! I need someone better.” The cloud then said, “The wind blows me wherever he pleases. He is greater than I am!”

Then, the wind was summoned. He swished around and made howling noises. This frightened the mouse maid and she refused to have him too. But the wind admitted that he was not nearly as strong as the mountain. Try as hard as he would, he simply couldn’t move the mountain. You may also like, The Lion And The Mouse.

The holy man summoned the mountain. The girl would not have him either. He was far too big and rough. The holy man was beginning to lose his patience. He threw his hands up in the air and said, “Oh please, mighty mountain! tell me if there is anyone greater than you!” The mountain thought long and hard. Finally, in a deep rumbling voice, he said, “I might be larger and stronger than most others but there is only one person who manages to get better of me! It is the little mouse who burrows the hole into me and makes his home there!”

Finally, the mouse was summoned. When she saw him, the girl squealed with joy and said, “Father! Father! I shall marry him. He is perfect for me.” So, the holy man transformed his daughter back into a mouse. The two got married and went to live at the base of the mountain.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the best bedtime stories online for kids,“The Mouse Maid”. See the video story below,

The Mouse Maid Story Video