The Peacock And the Crane

This is one of the short fables with moral lesson for kids. Once, there was a beautiful peacock in the woods. “Wow, peacock! Your feathers are so beautiful,” said the cockoo. “Colorful and shiny too! Aren’t they gorgeous?” asked the peacock to his friends. “Yes, they are! I wish I could have colorful feathers just like you,” said the sparrow.

“Only I, the peacock can have these beautiful feathers. Don’t even dream about it,” the peacock said in pride. “Huh! What a show off!” cried the crow. Also, read The Fox And The Crane.

short fables with moral lesson

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The peacock went to the riverside for some water when he suddenly saw a strange but beautiful bird. “Who is that? A long neck and cool legs! It looks quite elegant but I don’t like the feathers though,” thought the peacock to himself. The peacock thought of starting a conversation with this strange looking but and soon went near her.

The peacock said, “Hi! Who are you? I have never seen you around!” To this, the strange bird said, “I am a crane!” The peacock introduced himself to the crane and started to show off. “I am a peacock! I have feathers that are shiny and gorgeous.” The crane immediately understood what the peacock was trying to do. “Oh, right! They look good,” said the crane and she walked along the river.

The arrogant peacock who was now becoming very furious of cran e’s behavior spreed his colorful feathers. “Look at these colors of the rainbow on my feathers. What’s wrong with yours? They look gray and dusty” said the peacock. “Yes, you are very beautiful. But I don’t envy you at all,” replied the crane. “What? Don’t lie! How could you not envy theses beautiful feathers?” asked the peacock angrily.” You may also like to read, The Crow And The Peacock Story.

“I can fly up into the sky with my wings. I travel around the world and go wherever I want,” said the crane happily. “What can you do with those feathers? Grooming and showing off ! What else can you do? It seems you look good on the outside but no inside,” she asked the peacock. The peacock felt so ashamed that he folded his feathers.


Here is a short visual depiction of one of the short fables with moral lesson “The Peacock And The Crane. See the video story below,

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