The Star Money

This is one of the amazing brothers grimm stories. A long time ago, there was a small girl named Amelia. She was all alone. Her parents were dead and she had nowhere to live. A kind stranger gave her a piece of bread, and other than the clothes she was wearing, it was all she had. But she trusted the good God to care for her. “I must save the bread for as long as I can!” she said, “For surely, I’ll be hungry later.” She carefully placed the bread into her coat pocket. Read more Grimm’s fairy Tales here.

As she walked along, Amelia met a man, much poorer than she was. “Please miss!” he said, “Do you have any bread to share? I am terribly hungry.” Although she too was hungry, she reached into her pocket and gave her bread to the poor man. “God bless this bread and the one who is eating it,” she said and walked on as the man greedily ate every last crumb.

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She passed a bush and heard a child’s cry. “I’m so cold,” the young boy said, “If only I had something to cover my head.” “It is very cold!” Amelia agreed. “Here, take this.” She removed her scarf wrapped around her head and tucked it tightly around the young boy’s ears. “How’s that?” she asked. “Thank you, Miss. I’m much warmer now,” the young boy said. “May god bless this scarf and keep you warm,” she said.

As the night grew colder, Amelia shivered and pulled her coat tighter. “Help me! I’m freezing with no coat to keep me warm,” a young girl’s voice pleaded. Amelia knew what she had to do. She removed her coat and handed it to the little girl, “May god bless this coat and keep the cold away from reaching you.” The girl snuggled in the warm coat and said, “Thank you, Miss!”

Further down the road, she met another child and started to cry. “Why are you naked?” she asked the girl. “Someone stole my clothing and I have nothing to wear. I’m scared I’ll freeze to death,” replied the little girl. “May god bless this dress,” Amelia said removing her last article of clothing and pulling it down over the head of the other girl. “Oh, thank you, miss! God bless you!” The girl reached up and kissed Amelia on her cheek.

As Amelia walked on into the darkness, she thought of how fortunate she was to have been able to help others. She didn’t consider her own nakedness or need. Suddenly, the sky lit up with falling stars which landed all around her. She spun around, delighting in the spectacle of the light show. Also read, The Happy Prince.

When it was over, she looked down and discovered that she was fully clothed in the fine linen dress and a woolen coat. Her head was covered in the warmest of scarves. But that’s not all the magic that occurred. Do you want to know what else happened?

When Amelia looked down, the ground was covered with star-money! The stars had turned into golden coins. Amelia gathered them into her pockets, thanking the good God for providing for her, just as she trusted he would. And what do you think Amelia did with all that money? She gave a lot of it away to those who needed it. And each time she did, some more star-money came her way.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the great brothers grimm stories, “The Star Money Story”. See the video story below,

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