The Story Of A Blue Bird

This is one of the popular fairy tales for kids. A little bluebird was born in the nest of a big tree. He grew fast. “Why don’t you go and learn how to fly with your brother and sister? Don’t you wonder what is out there?” his mother asked. “Oh, yes! But I am a little bit afraid,” the little blue bird answered. So while the other birds tested their wings, the little blue bird sat in the nest, watching.

At night, he could not sleep, imagining what might be out there beyond the trees. “Mama, Mama, what is out there?” he asked. “Nothing!” she said, “Now go to sleep!” Nothing? He wondered. And he could not stop thinking about it.

popular fairy tales

popular fairy tales

The next morning, the little blue bird was gone, and everyone wondered what had happened. “Nothing, nothing, where is this nothing!” the little blue bird thought as he walked away from his nest to the big tree. “Is nothing high, or is nothing low? Is nothing here, or is nothing there? What does nothing look like!” There was no one to ask so he kept ongoing. Also, read The Firebird Story.

He came upon a pool of blue water. It looked like nothing he had ever seen before, but he didn’t know if this was the nothing he was looking for. “What are you looking for?” someone asked him. “Nothing!” he answered, surprised. “Oh! Come with me,” said the green bird. And the bluebird joined him.

Suddenly, a flock of colorful birds came flying by. “What are you looking for?” they asked. “Nothing!” the green bird answered. “Oh, come with us,” they called. And the green bird spread his wings and flew up. And the little blue bird forgot that he was afraid of flying. He, too, spread his wings and flew up to join them. They flew high, and they flew low. They flew here and they flew there. “How wonderful it is to fly,” the little blue bird thought. You may also like to read, The Nightingale Story.

“Where have you been? what have you seen?” asked his brother and sister when the bluebird came back home. “What happened to make you fly so well?” asked his mother. “Nothing!” said the bluebird happily fluttering his wings.”Tell us, tell us about it,” said his brother and sister.

“Come with me!” said the bluebird. And they flew high, and they flew low. They flew here and they flew there. They flew everywhere altogether. Also, read Wild Swans.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the popular fairy tales, “The Story Of A Blue Bird”. See the video story below,

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