The Victory And Defeat Of The Gnat

This is one of the best fables for kids to read. Once upon a time, in the forest, there was a mosquito who was not afraid of anyone. He used to irritate all the animals in the jungle and nobody used to like him. Because of his behavior, he hardly had any friends.

One day, he came across a lion who was sitting quietly. He intensionally buzzed around his head and disturbed him from his sleep. “Get lost, you dirty insect,” roared the lion. But, as the mosquito was enjoying himself, he continued to disturb the lion. You may also like to read, The Lion And The Mosquitoes.

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“You are wrong! If you think I am afraid of you,” said the mosquito and stung him sharply on the nose. Mad with pain and anger, the lion hit the mosquito but hurt his own nose with his claw. The mosquito kept on stinging the strong lion, who soon hurt himself even more with his own claws and teeth.

Finally, the lion stopped hitting the mosquito. The mosquito was very happy with his win over the King of the jungle. He wanted to tell the whole world about it. He gathered all the animals in the jungle and told them about his win over the King.

Right there, there was a spider web. The mosquito was so happy that he did not see it and kept praising himself flying higher and higher in front of everyone. But, by mistake, he flew straight into a spider’s web. Poor mosquito! After his win over the lion, he became the meal of a small spider. The spider immediately grabbed the por mosquito and had a great feast that evening. Also, read The Mosquito And The Carpenter.


Here is a short visual depiction of one of the best fables for kids to readThe Victory And Defeat Of The Gnat“. See the video story below,

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