The White Snake

This is the white snake story for kids. There is a wise king and he is known for his wisdom all over the Kingdom. A servant brings food for the king. “Today, it is a white snake!” the servant says. But the king does not want it. “You eat the snake,” he tells the servant. The servant eats some snake and walks into the castle.

As soon, the servant walks in the castle. He hears some animals talking. Now, he can understand them! The servant is a good man. He helps many people. The princess has dropped her ring somewhere and cannot find her ring. A goose tells the servant where the ring is. You may also like to read, The Crow And The Snake.

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The King wants a husband for the Princess. The King tells the people, “To marry the Princess, you must find the ring in the sea, or die! Only a strong man can marry the Princess!” The servant loves the Princess. Many men try to get the ring, but they can’t. Many men die. The servant speaks to some fish. The fish bring him the ring. Now, the servant will be a prince, but the Princess is not happy.

The Princess says to the servant, “I want a golden apple from the Tree of Life!” The servant does not know where the Tree of Life is. “How can I get an apple from the Tree of Life?” he asks some birds. The birds bring him a golden apple from the Tree of Life. He gives the golden apple to the Princess. The Princess starts to like the servant now. The servant and the Princess live a long and happy life together. Also, read The Loyal Mongoose.

Here is a visual depiction of, “The White Snake Story”. See the video story below,

    The White Snake Story Video