Thinking Out Of The Box

This is one of the great inspirational bedtime stories for kids. Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a poor merchant. The merchant had only a daughter as his family.

Over the years, due to being poor, he used to borrow money for the business. Because of this, he fell in with a horrible money lender. This man only had eyes for money. As a result, the merchant owed a huge sum of money to the lender. And he did not have any money to pay off his debt. Also, read Pencil And Eraser Story.

inspirational bedtime stories

inspirational bedtime stories

One day, the money lender called the merchant and his daughter to his house. There, the money lender demanded his money. Now, the poor man had no money to pay. So, the shrewd man said, “Since you are unable to pay, I have an idea.”

“In a box, I will put two pebbles. One black and one white. Your daughter will pull out one of the pebbles. If she pulls out the black one, she will marry me and all your debts will be forgiven. And  if she pulls out the white one, then all your debts will be forgiven and she won’t have to marry me.”

Now, it was known that the moneylender was a cheat and wanted to marry the merchant’s daughter. So, the moneylender, turning to dishonest methods, picked up two black pebbles from his pebbled garden. The clever girl observed this but said nothing. “Choose wisely,” she was told once the moneylender put the pebbles in the box.

The girl carefully put her hand inside the box and pulled out a pebble. But before she could show the pebble, she deliberately fumbled and fell on the ground. Now, the ground had pebbles of both colours.

“How clumsy of me,” she said apologetically. “I fell and I don’t know which one was mine. But you can check the box. Upon seeing the colour of the pebble, you’ll know which one I picked out.” In this manner, the merchant was cheated out of his dishonesty. The merchant and his daughter went home happily. You may also like to read, Anger And Love.