True Love

This is one of the best fairy tale bedtime stories for kids.Once upon a time in a kingdom that was happy and prosperous lived an unhappy king and queen. “If only we had a child we would be happy,” the kind would wonder. But many years passed and they were not blessed with a child. Then they decided to pray to Gods.

Then finally, they were blessed with a baby boy. The royal couple rejoiced. But there was a tiny problem, the baby boy had the head of a donkey. Even though the boy was tremendously loved by his parents, he was not happy. You may also like to read, The Princess And The Pea.

fairy tale bedtime stories

fairy tale bedtime stories

Image Source–> All the others had always made fun of him and called him unfit for royalty. But the poor boy did not know why he was being subjected to such bad behavior. Until one day, when he accidentally went to the palace’s garden and saw his reflection in the lake.

“Oh,” he whispered to his reflection, “so this why the others are mean to me”. The young prince was extremely saddened, so he decided to run away. Once he left his kingdom, he traveled far and wide. The young prince traveled many lands and finally settled at some distant kingdom, where no one knew him.

There, he began to sing for a living. “If I am not pretty to look, at least my voice is beautiful”, he thought. Soon, the king of the kingdom heard the young prince’s praise. The king too wished to hear his melodious voice in person. After seeing him perform, the king made the young prince a musician of the court. Also, read Wild Swans.

In this kingdom, the young prince was praised, and many people liked him. Then one day, the princess told her father, the king, that she wanted to marry the court’s musician because she had fallen in love with him. The king agreed because he wanted his daughter to be happy. Soon, the two were married together, and their wedding was celebrated with great joy.

That night, when the celebrations died down, the princess kissed the musician’s head. The princess still did not know that the musician was actually a prince. And the moment the princess kissed the musician’s head, the donkey’s head fell off and revealed the most handsome face.

The prince realized that the princess truly loved him. And that was the only reason why the head of the donkey, that had tormented him for so long, fell off. He never returned to his kingdom, instead stayed with the princess happily ever after. You may also like to read, The Happy Prince.