Two Frogs In A Milk Pail

This is one of the amazing children’s animal stories. Once upon a time, in a pond nearby a village, lived two frogs. One fine day, when it started raining all of a sudden, the frogs hopped into a nearby house, in order to find shelter and some food.

Once inside the house, they hopped around looking for food. Just then, accidently the two of them fell in a pail of milk! Both of the frogs were drowning in the pail of milk. And the poor frogs could not seem to get out of the pail. You see, the sides of the pail were way too slippery. Regardless, the frogs still tried but all in vain. Also read,The Green Frog That Didn’t Listen.

children's animal stories

children’s animal stories

Image Source–> They swam and swam, but nothing good came of it. In the end, one of the two frogs said, “Brother, we’ve been swimming for quite some time and it is not giving any results. There is no point in swimming anymore.We are going to drown anyway, we should give up now.”

The other frog was not willing to stop swimming. He says to the other one, “Someone will surely come find us. Let’s swim for some more time.” So, the two frogs paddled in the milk for some more time.

After a while, the first frog began protesting again. “I am totally exhausted! I can’t swim anymore!” The second frog somehow again convinced him to continue swimming and paddling in the milk. You may also like to read,The Frog Whose Belly Burst.

A couple of hours passed before the first frog again began complaining. This time the frog said, “No more! We are doomed, no one is going to come to help us. We are going to die, I can’t do this anymore!” After saying that the first frog finally gave up and drowned in the milk.

The first frog continued on, without stopping for even a minute. About ten minutes after the first frog gave up, the second frog felt something solid under his feet. The frog then realized that due paddling around in the milk, the milk was turning into butter! He had churned the milk into butter. Oh, how happy he was!

The frog continued with even more enthusiasm than before. And soon enough, the butter started accumulating and the frog was finally able to escape! Also read,Toads And Diamonds.


Here is a visual depiction of children’s animal stories,“Two Frogs In A Milk Pail”. See the video story below,

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