What is Parenting Styles?

Parenting Styles are nothing but practices that represent the standard strategies of child-rearing by the parents. The quality of parenting can be as essential as the quantity of time spent with the child. “Parenting styles” is the broader term that signifies how you respond to your child or how you’re growing together.

Parenting styles not only include child discipline strategies but also the broader pattern of Parenting Practices. It is important to invest some quality time with the child. They often duplicate their behavior after seeing those people with whom they spend most of their time. Supposedly, a parent is spending an evening with his child but he or she is busy talking on the phone. This shows that he or she is not paying much attention to the child. The behavior of your child keeps on changing as he grows. There are various stages a child goes through in his life.

parenting styles

parenting styles

During the stage of infancy, parents try to adjust their new lifestyles according to the baby and strengthen their bond. During the stage of toddlers, a parent and a child grow together and learn about their experiences. In the stage of childhood, the parents become teachers and guide them in every aspect. In preadolescence, parents start to use an indirect approach while starting a conversation. During the stage of adolescence, parents encounter new challenges like seeking and desiring freedom.

Parenting Styles completely depends upon a child’s temperament and parent’s cultural patterns. In research, it is believed that the parents who provide their child with proper nurture, independence, and firm control are known to have higher levels of competence and are socially skilled and proficient.

Basically, there are 12 different kinds of Parenting Styles and Child Discipline Strategies which are based on high-level philosophies of life and deep insights into love, scientific approach, and unfortunate parenting approaches. Also, read 12 Good Parenting Quotes Of All Time.

We will be providing all the types of Parenting Styles in the next article. Keep reading!