The Prince And The Ogress

This is the story from Arabian nights for kids. Long, long time ago, there lived a Prince called Zayian. He loved hunting. One day, while hunting, he went deep inside the forest. As it became dark, he decided to stay back.

Just then, he heard a voice. She was a beautiful lady. “Somebody help me! Please, somebody, help me!” “Who are you young lady? What happened?” asked the Prince. “I lost in this forest. I came with my parents for hunting and I lost my way,” the Princess told him. The Prince was worried about her and asked, “How will you go back to the town? Come with me, I’ll help you!” She thought for a while and agreed. Also, read The Jealous Sister.

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She thanked him and they started their journey towards town. While the Prince and the Princess were riding on the horse, the Princess saw beautiful flowers all around in all the colors. The Princess asked the Prince to stop the horse. She asked, “Prince, may I pluck those beautiful flowers?” “Definitely, go ahead! I’ll wait for you here!” told the Prince.

As the Princess did not return for a long time, the Prince went in search for her. Just then, he heard a noise. “My dear children, I have a handsome, young Prince for dinner today. Wait, I will bring him right here!” said the Princess to ogres. The Prince realized that the Princess is no one but an orgess.

He came back to his horse and waited there. “Oh, Prince! I am sorry! I am late!” she cried. “No, not at all, you ugly ogress. Here, take this blow,” said the Prince. The Prince sprang on her with his sword and killed the ogress in no time. Soon, he fled away from the forest and returned to his palace safely. You may also like to read, The Rope Maker.

Here is a short visual depiction of the Arabian nights for kids “The Prince And The Ogress”. See the video story below,

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