The Jealous Sister

This is one of the amazing stories from Arabian Nights online for kids. Abad was a trader who lived in a land called Damascus. He was in love with Heena who was the daughter of a rich wazir. Abad and Heena knew that the Wazir would never agree to their marriage and so, they used to meet secretly. Heena had a sister named Rabia. Rabia was a very curious girl. She noticed how Heena used to go out every evening and constantly annoyed her with questions. “Where do you go every day?” she used to ask.

One day, when Heena refused to tell her, she decided to secretly follow her sister. When she saw Heena and Abad, she was overcome with jealousy. She jumped out of her hiding place and said, “Oh, so this is what you have been doing! You will be in big trouble when I tell father.” Heena pleaded with her to keep this a secret, and so Rabia sulkily agreed. But in reality, she was thinking of a wicked plan. Also, read The Second Shaykh’s Story.

Image Source@ The next day, Rabia went to Abad and pretended to be very friendly. When he was not looking, she quickly slipped her very expensive necklace into his pocket and ran away. She went to her father and cried, “My necklace! My necklace! Somebody had stolen it!” Everyone began searching for it, but of course, it could not be found.

By then, Abad had found the necklace in his pocket. He did not know how it got there but since he needed money, he decided to sell it. He went to the jeweler. But as soon as the jeweler saw it, he recognized it as the Wazir’s necklace. The Wazir and the police were called. Abad was accused of stealing the necklace. “I’m innocent! Please believe me!” he pleaded but it vain.

Now Heena suspected that her sneaky sister was behind all this. She went to her father and told him everything. The Wazir summoned his younger daughter and questioned her. By now, Rabia was afraid. After being questioned hard, she finally confessed to all she had done. The Wazir was very angry.Rabia was punished for what her jealousy had led her to do. As for Abad, the Wazir saw what a good man he was and agreed to let him marry his daughter.Abad and Heena were married in a great ceremony. You may also like to read, The Fisherman And The Genie.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the awesome Arabian Nights online, “The Jealous Sister”. See the video story below,

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