The Ant and the Fly

This is the amazing short story fables for kids to read. Once upon a time, an ant and a fly were in a middle of an argument. This bitter argument happened because they wanted to know who was more important.

Now, the fly happened to be quite silly and full of pride. So the fly was of the opinion that he was far more important than a puny ant. “You,” the fly began, “who do you think you are? You are so small and you think you are more important than I am? I have wings, unlike your tiny arms and legs. I am so much better than you are!” Also, read Elephant And Ant Story.

short story fables

short story fables

Image Source The ant said nothing. But the fly did not stop there. He went on looking down on the ant. “I?” the fly began, “I can go into the temples as I please and whenever I want to! I can taste the offerings and  move about in the temples as I please. And you, you ant wish to compare yourself to me?”

Then, the fly said, “And I can even go into the king’s palace whenever I want. I can go sit on the king’s crown and kiss the queen’s forehead! I haven’t worked a single day in my life. And yet I have the best life! What do you have?” the fly asked mockingly.

Finally, the ant spoke. And he told the truth without bothering to mask his words with useless sweetness. “You think you have a good life? As lazy as you are, you thrive on other people’s food! Have you seen the faces of the people in the temple when you enter? They are all disgusted by you and your presence. Even the king and queen try to slap you away. And you think this is a good life?” You may also like to read, The Ant And The Grasshopper Story.

“When winter comes, I go into my anthill and eat the food I collected throughout the year with my hard work. Whereas you, you fed on dung and garbage! While you shiver in the cold, I enjoy the spoils of my hard work in my cozy home. Do you really think yours is a life to be had? Is it even a good life?”