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The Jealous Sister

This is one of the amazing stories from Arabian Nights online for kids. Abad was a trader who lived in a land called Damascus. He was in love with Heena who was the daughter of a rich wazir. Abad and Heena knew that the Wazir

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Tale of the Vizier and the Sage Duban

This is one of the best stories from One Thousand And One Nights. Long, long time ago, there was a King named Yunan. He had a severe skin disease. All his doctors tried to cure the disease but in vain. At that time, Sage Duban,

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The Greedy Merchant

This is one of the best Arabian Nights stories for kids. Abdullah was a rich but greedy merchant. After having sold his spices in faraway lands, he was ready to go back home with his forty camels. On his way back, he met a holy man.