Tale of the Vizier and the Sage Duban

This is one of the best stories from One Thousand And One Nights. Long, long time ago, there was a King named Yunan. He had a severe skin disease. All his doctors tried to cure the disease but in vain. At that time, Sage Duban, a man of extraordinary talent heard of the illness that plagued King Yunan. It was leprosy driving the King towards an early death, and although many doctors tried, none of them could cure him.

So, Duban ventured to the King’s palace and announced that he could cure him. The Grand Vizier was immediately suspicious about Duban and his supposed talents and would not allow him to personally tend to the King. “Then I shall cure him without laying a finger on him,” Duban said. Also, read King Thrushbeard.

one thousand and one nights

one thousand and one nights

Image Source–> www.emaze.com. The next day, Duban presented the King with a mallet with which to play croquet. The King began to play and as he played, he began to sweat. And as he began to sweat, medicine from the handle of the mallet was absorbed into the King’s skin. After a bath and a good night’s rest, the King awoke cured of his affliction. The King showered Duban with praise and lots of wealth.

Jealous of the King’s favor, the Grand Vizier professed, “The Sage has cured you with one medicine, but with another, he will take your life. If a person can cure you without giving medicine directly, how long it will take for him to kill you?” The King knew that Grand Vizier was jealous of Duban and said, “I know you are jealous of him! But I don’t believe you! If I listen to you, I will also repent like The Merchant And His Parrot Story,” the King said.

Speaking continuously about Duban, the King was confused. Being a weak personality, he agreed to what the Grand Vizier said. Angered by this impending betrayal, the King ordered for Duban to be executed. Duban was astonished when he heard that he had to die.

At this cruel order, Duban threw himself on his knees. “Spare my life, my lord,” he begged. But all his efforts were in vain. As a parting gift, Duban presented the King with a book which was said to contain all the knowledge of all the world. He took the book from Duban’s hands and ordered the executioner to do his duty. Duban was beheaded

Duban was beheaded and as the King opened the book, he found that the pages were blank. The King flipped over every leaf, licking his finger to help turn each page. The pages of the book had been lined with poison. His sight failed him and he fell at the foot of his throne. If the King had spared Duban, he would not have died. Also, read King Midas And The Golden Touch.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the most famous stories from One Thousand And One Nights. See the video story below,

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