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arabian nights stories for children

The Rope Maker

This is one of the amazing Arabian Nights Stories For Children. Abu Hassan was a rope maker. Each day, he would take little cotton strings and twist them into ropes. He would then sell the ropes in the market but he could not make much

1001 arabian nights stories

The Tale Of Three Apples

This is one of the best 1001 arabian nights stories for kids. Once upon a time, in Arabia, the Caliph Harun al-Rashid decided to go into the town and see how his kingdom was doing.Also, read Sheherazade And Shahriar. So, he calls his Wazir Ja’afar

arabian nights short stories

The Hunt The For Camel

This is one of the Arabian nights short stories for children. Once upon a time, there lived a man in a small village in Arabia. He had a camel and whenever he went on a journey, he went along with his camel. At one such

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The Second Shaykh’s Story

This is one of the great Arabic kids stories for kids.Long, long time ago, there lived a happy and prosperous family. In the family, there was an old father and his three sons. The manes of the three sons were Hassim, Khaleel, and Ali. All

one thousand and one nights

Tale of the Vizier and the Sage Duban

This is one of the best stories from One Thousand And One Nights. Long, long time ago, there was a King named Yunan. He had a severe skin disease. All his doctors tried to cure the disease but in vain. At that time, Sage Duban,

arabian night stories

The Fisherman And The Genie

This is one of the great Arabian Night stories for children.Once upon a time, a fisherman lived in a village. He had a small family of his wife and three children. He led his life with his earnings from fishing. One day, as he cast his

arabian nights stories

The Greedy Merchant

This is one of the best Arabian Nights stories for kids. Abdullah was a rich but greedy merchant. After having sold his spices in faraway lands, he was ready to go back home with his forty camels. On his way back, he met a holy man.

short stories of arabian nights

The Bull And The Ass

This is one of the great short stories of Arabian Nights for kids. Long, long time ago, there lived a gifted merchant. He had a bull and an ass on his farm. The merchant was able to understand the language of the animals. It was