The Second Shaykh’s Story

This is one of the great Arabic kids stories for kids.Long, long time ago, there lived a happy and prosperous family. In the family, there was an old father and his three sons. The manes of the three sons were Hassim, Khaleel, and Ali. All of them loved each other very much. In due time, the old man became very ill. As a result, he left for heaven and willed three thousand gold dinars for his sons. They divided three thousand gold dinars equally among themselves.

The three brothers invested in various shops and became well-to-do merchants. One day, the eldest brother, Hassim decided to expand his trade connections in other Kingdoms as well. He sold all of his luxuries to get some more money. Days went by, but none of the brothers knew where was Hassim. Also, read The Merchant And His Parrot

arabic kids stories

arabic kids stories

Image Source–> Then, one day, as Ali opened his shop, a weak beggar approached him. He gave a silver coin to the beggar. The beggar started to cry. When Ali looked at the beggar carefully, he recognized that he was his eldest brother. Ali consoled him and offered delicious hot lunch. After hearing Hassim’s sad tail, Ali decided to give one thousand gold dinars to his brother so that he could start his new business.

After some months, Khaleel decided to seek foreign lands for business expansion. Ali tried to stop him but he didn’t listen to him and went overseas for trading. One year later, Khaleel came back and he was in the same state like Hassim. He had been looted by the bandits and lost everything which he had taken with him. To encourage him, Ali gave another one thousand gold dinars to him.

Soon, the three brothers did well and very happy. One morning, Hassim and Khaleel came to Ali and asked him to come along for trading the business to the other parts of the world. Ali refused but they keep on insisting. And so, finally, Ali agreed after five years. It took them two months to reach a port. All of them made lots of money by trading there.

As they were about to leave, a very beautiful woman approached Ali. Her name was Laila. She was soft-spoken, hard-working and always ready to serve Ali and his brothers. Soon, they fell in love with each other and got married. Both the brothers started to grow jealous of Ali. Their resentment took shape of a plot to kill him and his wife. One night, as Ali and his wife were sleeping, the elder brothers threw them off the boat. You may also like to read,

Laila, who was actually a fairy saved his husband and reached in a safe island. Laila was fuming with anger. And so, she decided to cast a spell on both the brothers. Soon, both the brothers turned into the dogs. But Ali was a good man. He decided to forgive his brothers. He requested Laila to remove the spell. Moved by his kindness, she agreed.

Hassim and Khaleel were returned to their original forms. They had learned their lesson and went away feeling ashamed of themselves.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the best Arabic kids stories, “The Second Shaykh’s Story”. See the video story below,

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